Dubai Abra

Crossing the Dubai Creek by boat is a popular mode of transport for many of the city’s residents and tourists.

The boats used are small motorised water taxis called abras. They can hold around twenty people and offer the cheapest and fastest means of travelling between Deira and Bur Dubai. Forget expensive cruises, this is the real way to see the Creek.

Dubai Creek Abra Routes

Motorised abras currently ply two main routes across the Dubai Creek. There are four stations; two on the Deira side, to the north of the Creek, and two on the southern Bur Dubai side.

Route Deira Station (northern side of the Creek) Bur Dubai Station (southern side of the Creek) Trip Time (minutes) Fare (AED) Operating Hours
1 Deira Old Souk Abra Station Bur Dubai Abra Station 5 1 5 am to midnight
2 Sabkha Abra Station Dubai Old Souk Abra Station 7 1 24 hours

Route 1 goes from Deira Old Souk Abra Station (near the Spice Souk) to Bur Dubai Abra Station (just west of the Old Souk).

Route 2 runs from Sabkha Abra Station (just southwest of Baniyas Square) to Dubai Old Souk Abra Station (at the Old Souk). This is the busier of the two routes, accounting for around 70 percent of abra rides.

Operating Times

Abras on Route 1 operate every day of the week from 5 am to midnight while those on Route 2 offer a 24-hour service. There are around 150 boats working the routes with departures every couple of minutes during peak times.


The fare for an abra ride is just 1 dirham. It is paid to the abra driver. No tickets are issued.

If you want a personalised cruise it’s also possible to charter an abra by the hour. No booking is required. Just turn up at any station and speak to a driver.